The Evolution of Data

3 min readMar 15, 2023


Greetings to the ChartEx Community,

Evolution is upon us.

As the charting space has become increasingly crowded, ChartEx has made a strategic decision to focus on B2B data provision and wallet analytics.

By leveraging our expertise in data analysis and charting technology, ChartEx is poised to become a leading provider of fast, reliable, and customizable market data to other platforms.


One of ChartEx’s key offerings is the ChartEx Cloud API, which enables other platforms to access their fast and accurate market data. With customizable data sets and flexible pricing options, Chartex Cloud is designed to meet the unique needs of each individual platform, making it an attractive choice for platforms that require fast and reliable market data to power their services.


Remember when we mentioned working with <REDACTED> ? Well we still are, and that’s led us here:

ChartEx’s pivot goes beyond B2B data provision. We have also set our sights on wallet analytics, with the goal of creating an approachable and intuitive platform for accessing data about crypto wallets. Unlike other wallet analytics platforms, ChartEx’s platform is designed with the needs of everyday users in mind, using plain language and intuitive design to help users quickly access the data points they need.

Is there a wallet out there that you want to track, but don’t have the time and energy for detective work and research on block explorers to track every move?

Are they buying? Are they selling? Are they adding liquidity, farming stables, making OTC trades, transferring in, out, and all about? What’re they holding? How long have they held it? Do they hold long? Are they an expert, or are they a fraud?

There is no need to sift through layers and layers of etherscan transactions. Utilizing off-chain AI tools, along with our class-leading data, we sum the wallet up for you in plain old english and tell you the <whole> story.

“This wallet is a diamond handed ape”

… …

“Who has held 80% of his holdings to their ATL”

There’s more than just intent when it comes to understanding wallets, there’s also performance. What is the P&L for the most recent token they entered? What is their historic P&L overall? Is this someone you want to follow? Is this wallet a top signal? ChartEx controls the data, data is power, ChartEx gives the data to you in a meaningful user experience.

ChartEx gives you power.

With our wallet tracker, we’ve got you covered.


ChartEx’s team of expert data analysts goes beyond simple transaction histories, providing insights into trends, patterns, and the intentions behind wallet activity. Our partnerships with leading buy signal bots make ChartEx’s wallet analytics platform the go-to choice for traders and investors who are looking for the most accurate and up-to-date data to inform their decisions.

Overall, ChartEx’s pivot towards B2B data provision and wallet analytics represents a bold new direction for the company. With our expertise in data analysis and charting technology, ChartEx is well-positioned to be a leading provider of fast, reliable, and customizable market data to other platforms, as well as an approachable and intuitive platform for accessing wallet analytics. As the crypto space continues to evolve, ChartEx is sure to be at the forefront of these exciting new developments.




ChartEx is a leading provider of full Candlestick charting for markets on Uniswap, the largest Decentralized Exchange running on the Ethereum Network.