Stable foundations

In the last week, 53,790 unique visitors made 89,319,000 requests of our back-end infrastructure and I have to say, it’s coping quite nicely. This is a week-on-week growth of around 50%. The next phase of our evolution will support a cloud-first approach and with this, we anticipate a significant increase in our agility as we continue to grow.

A Data API is currently in testing that will allow end-users programmatic access to Uniswap statistics including price changes, new listings, and the performance of the highest volume pairs. As a proof of concept, the below example leaderboard was constructed using the REST API and around 20 lines of Javascript, from live data served on our platform.

We recognise that there is a lack of sources for consolidated data of this type, so to better serve our community of developers and traders, we will be opening up some of our proprietary data to external parties when the time is right so that they may build their own solutions, Powered by ChartEx.

Also under active development after many user requests for alerts and realtime data is the live trade feed. This will show, via on-page notifications, trades as they are posted to our data platform via WebSockets, with clickthroughs pointing to the respective Etherscan transaction pages.

Finally, an initial operating capability ‘Whale Watcher’ telegram bot. In this version, users can configure the monitoring of specific symbols and set their own trade value threshold, or alternatively, it’s possible to monitor the entire market with the same trade amount criteria. Users can also set multiple alerts for multiple pairs. The next version will introduce the ability to monitor individual wallets for their trades. This feature will be reserved for users holding accounts on the ChartEx platform when support for accounts and subscriptions launches but has already attracted attention from the preliminary screenshots shared on social media.

It’s been good to talk this week too. Conversations have taken place with exchanges both existing and in development, bot providers, and numerous traders, investors and analysts all expressing interest in the features and capabilities ChartEx offers right now and in the future.

Stay tuned for our next update.



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