New Year, New ChartEx

4 min readJan 4, 2023


Dear ChartEx Community,

It’s been almost a YEAR since our last update. How time flies. First, you may have noticed the lack of Medium updates over the course of the year and that’s because we’ve been super hard at work building out ChartEx Cloud and NFTEx! This post is going to primarily focus on what’s coming, not where we came from.

ChartEx Cloud

ChartEx Cloud is a complete ground-up rewrite of the entire ChartEx platform.

What does that mean? Speed, performance, and reliability.

No, but what does that actually mean?

It means lightning-fast access to trade data across virtually any EVM chain. This trade data encompasses all events — buys, sells, and liquidity events.

The Graph Protocol indexes entire networks — while incredibly powerful, it also is simply “too much” for most users.

The intent is to be the go-to data provider for protocols and users that need something more lightweight and specific — powering their custom tools, bots, liquidators, etc.

But wait, there’s more!

Not only will ChartEx Cloud work on EVM chains, but it is also built with scalability in mind! Coming shortly after launch will be the availability of non-EVM chains such as Solana, Aptos, and Cosmos.

But wait, there’s even more!

Being a data warehouse offers us a great deal of flexibility of what we do with this data — one of our first customizations that we’ll be offering in collaboration with <REDACTED> will be a wallet analyzer. We’re going to use the power of DATA and AI to draw conclusions about wallets making trades — we aren’t just talking our existing Whale Trades here — we are talking determining whether a certain trader has diamond or paper hands — whether a certain trader is “smart money” or is SBF. This will enable you to follow your favorite traders and potentially copy their trading strategy (as one example as to the usefulness of this kind of data)!

At launch, Cloud will be largely B2B where funds brought in from Cloud will go directly to token buybacks — we bought back nearly 18% of the CHART token in CY2022 and we are hopeful to buyback a greater amount in CY2023! Over time Cloud will move to B2C whereby users will be able to spend CHART to get access to Cloud.

Finally, we’ll be transitioning ChartEx’s core charts to Cloud. This will not only make them more reliable and accurate — this will also enable us to launch charting on more chains (EVM & non-EVM)!

Introducing NFTEx

What is NFTEx?

ChartEx’s NFT Tracking and Discovery Tool

This is another feature of ChartEx that we’ve been hard at work on for the past year. Most NFT Trackers only work on Ethereum — ours will work on any EVM available chain — and eventually via the power of Cloud — non-EVM chains too! Your existing ChartEx subscription will work for full access to the NFTEx platform.

What makes NFTEx different from TraitSniper, IcyTools, etc.?

  1. Better data! Utilizing that same Cloud backend that is built for ERC20s we are able to utilize Cloud to index ERC721s and ERC1155s to make one of the fastest marketplaces out there. There’s a phenomenal Twitter thread on by Lamboland about CirrusNFT and how speed truly does matter as it pertains to successful flipping ( — we are more than hopeful that NFTEx (and Cloud) will become the tools of future flippers following in Cirrus’ footsteps.
  2. AI! Utilizing Artificial Intelligence and the cloud we are able to draw conclusions around what kind of NFTs you might like based on your collection. We are able to analyze your wallet and give you personal recommendations. Simply put, we are able to make a marketplace that is meaningful to YOU.

What’s Next?

Moving out of alpha to a beta for both Cloud AND NFTEx. The “when” on this is that dastardly “soon” but we don’t want to rush this close to the finish line.

A Call to Action for our community — a referral system of sorts! Help us align with the correct product teams and get them onboarding onto Cloud and potentially see some handsome rewards!

Interested in Utilizing Cloud?

Contact us at with information about your use case!

About ChartEx

ChartEx is a leading provider of full Candlestick charting for markets on AMM platforms on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, and Moonriver. It was the first platform to offer mainstream charting for Uniswap, PancakeSwap, Sushiswap and many other AMMs not covered by typical charting providers. It continues to pioneer in development of tools to benefit Defi trades with it’s user-centric ethos to product development.

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ChartEx is a leading provider of full Candlestick charting for markets on Uniswap, the largest Decentralized Exchange running on the Ethereum Network.