Let’s Try This Again.

3 min readNov 4, 2021


ChartEx Community,

We rushed out subscriptions without proper communication. That’s 100% on us. We had communicated the desire to do subscriptions in May, but between not having a great mechanism to collect those subscriptions AND community feedback we opted for larger holding requirements.

However, those tier requirements quickly created a massive barrier to entry.

So as we added more and more chains and robustly improved our backend (as well as doing an analysis on holders / holding durations) we felt the timing was right to introduce subscriptions which we still very much believe will bring new utility to the $CHART token.

But our rollout of this was too swift and too jarring.

Avalanche charting was always intended to be a trial that was scheduled to expire over a month ago.

So was Moonriver charting which was scheduled to expire 48 hours after launch.

We kept those trials going because subscriptions were not ready to roll out and there lacked a quick and easy method for users to onboard into ChartEx.

So what happens now?

Formally introduce two lifetime subscription tiers to bridge utility while ChartEx Cloud is developed:

  • If you are holding 100,000 $CHART you receive all premium services + ads.
  • If you are holding 200,000 $CHART you receive all premium services, ad-free.
  • If you are a 5,000 CHART grandfathered user (and are still holding the 5,000 CHART) you will receive 1-month free AND a lifetime 35% subscription discount (which will stack with any future promotions) for as long as you maintain 5,000 CHART.
  • If you are a 5,000 CHART holder and already paid for any subscription you will have 1 free month added to your subscription.

NOTE: If you are a NFT holder from DeFi District — that lifetime membership will of course be honored. While we understand this might not make every user happy we do understand the importance of community.

So this is us falling on our sword and trying to do right by the community while bringing new utility to the $CHART token. We believe subscriptions bring new sustainability to the token. We’ll be adding Fantom charting soon and even more chains are on the way.

Finally, we think ChartEx Cloud will be incredibly special and bring enterprise customers into the ChartEx ecosystem — a major value add for all $CHART holders. No project is perfect. Yesterday we weren’t perfect — but hopefully this is a step in the right direction.

About ChartEx

ChartEx is a leading provider of full Candlestick charting for markets on AMM platforms on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, and Moonriver. It was the first platform to offer mainstream charting for Uniswap, PancakeSwap, Sushiswap and many other AMMs not covered by typical charting providers. It continues to pioneer in development of tools to benefit Defi trades with it’s user-centric ethos to product development.

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ChartEx is a leading provider of full Candlestick charting for markets on Uniswap, the largest Decentralized Exchange running on the Ethereum Network.