Introducing DeFi District, ChartEx’s First NFT

As with so many markets, the art market is undergoing big changes. In particular, innovation has pushed the art market to evolve. For an industry that historically changes at a glacial pace, technology has propelled it into the future. Auction houses are transitioning to a digital-first strategy. As the art world adapts, emerging technologies, including blockchain, have a role to play. And NFTs, non-fungible tokens, represent a new medium for the art world to explore.

That’s why we are excited to Introduce DeFi District, Chartex’s first NFT. Created in collaboration with an exciting new digital artist collective known as Exhibition X, DeFi District reflects on some of 2020’s most significant events, notable projects, and brands in Defi.

ChartEx is auctioning off the First Edition of DeFi District, which has been minted on Rarible, a global market for buying and selling digital items like digital art, crypto-collectables, gaming items, digital art, and other digital assets built on Ethereum ERC-721 and ERC-1155, which are two standards used for NFTs.

The NFT will be accompanied by an animated version, and proceeds donated to charity decided by the ChartEx community through a governance vote.

There will only ever be 10 of these NFTs, so now is your chance to bid on something ultra rare.

Can you spot all the easter eggs we’ve placed in the design? You’ll want to study this closely as in a future article we’ll outline how you can win one of these for yourself in an easter egg hunt!

We will accept the highest bid after 14 days.

NFT holders will receive privileged access to the ChartEx platform and be exempt from subscription fees for all current products (as at 06th January 2021) for the duration of their ownership of the token.

Ready to get your hands on a rare NFT and support a good cause? Click here to bid.

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