ChartEx Hosts ‘DeFi District’ Easter Egg Hunt — Over $1000 in Prizes

After our successful launch of the ‘DeFi District’ NFT in collaboration with Exhibition X, we decided to take things a step further. The auction concluded on January 29th for the first edition NFT at 0.5 ETH (~$900) of which the proceeds will shortly be distributed to a charity as chosen by the ChartEx community.

In case you missed it, as long as you are a proud owner of the limited edition ‘DeFi District’ you will be granted exclusive access to the ChartEx toolset and be exempt from all fees and subscriptions for as long as hodl this NFT.

As previously mentioned in our last blog, we let you know that there would be further opportunities to secure yourself one of the 10 very limited NFTs.

Inside DeFi District, you can hunt for 10 different, unique easter eggs that reference something notable in the Defi world, a brand, project, concept or even an event. Styled on the notable cyberpunk adventure game Neon District, there are many surprises and achievements you can find within special parts of the map. Similarly, we’ve planted a few ourselves in our very own district. Can you spot one, or perhaps them all?

In addition to the successful auction, we are now extending this campaign to the crypto community with a scavenger hunt. The users who spot the most easter eggs will be eligible for one of the below prizes.

4x 1-year subscriptions to ChartEx’s Basic features

3x 1-year subscriptions to ChartEx’s Advanced features

2x 1-year subscriptions to ChartEx’s Professional features

1x 1-year subscriptions to ChartEx’s Expert features

1x DeFi District NFT

The easter egg scavenger hunt will take place from Saturday, February 13th at 1730 UTC, and entries will be open for a duration of 3 days. All submissions will be tracked via Google Forms and are limited to one submission per contract address. The rules are simple and as follow:

1. One submission/guess per contract address, let us know all of the clues you’ve found.

2. Retweet the event published on @ChartExPro Twitter:

3. Tag a friend in your retweet and link to this on the submission form!

Submission form:

Best of luck and happy hunting! We will close entries on Tuesday, February 16th at 2359 UTC and announce the winners in the days immediately after this.



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