ChartEx Accounts Beta Update

2 min readOct 9, 2020


As we mentioned in our last article, we wanted to give the opportunity for our early supporters to get their hands on our upcoming feature — saving and loading charts via the ChartEx Account, exclusively ahead of everyone else as part of our public beta test.

This will help us to capture some valuable feedback that will help ensure a smooth launch.

We’re pleased to open up applications to CHART holders who will be included on our early access list of addresses. We don’t need any other information from you, just your ERC20 Ethereum address which holds a minimum of 2000 CHART (or 1,300 if you have locked this balance in before 2359 UTC on Sunday, 11th October 2020). We’ll take care of the rest.

*** 8th November 2020: Beta applications are now closed, stay tuned for news of the transition from Beta into production***

What do we expect of our beta testers?

Nothing really, you can use the site, save your charts and layouts to your heart’s content. We’re really hopeful at this point to have ironed out any quirks and believe we’re delivering a seamless experience, but if something isn’t quite right, we want to hear from you.

Beta test participants will be eligible for a share of 35,000 CHART in rewards for their feedback. These will be distributed at our discretion based on the detail, impact and reproducibility of any issues reported.

What happens next?

We’re putting the final touches on our beta platform, we’ll let you know when it’s ready through an announcement via our social channels next week. The Beta site will ONLY work for those enrolled.

You can share any feedback from the test itself via the feedback form.

Thank you for your continued support and we hope you’re able to participate in our beta test!

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