The Launch of our $CHART Liquidity Pool Incentive Programme

2 min readDec 15, 2020


Liquidity is crucial to an orderly and functioning marketplace, on traditional exchanges a market maker would generally be working to ensure tight bid/ask spreads, but on Uniswap, it works a little differently. Liquidity provision is handled automatically, and rewards are shared with liquidity providers (LPs), specifically, there is a 0.3% fee associated with any trade on Uniswap, and this is shared with all LPs in the pool dependent on their individual share.

We’re introducing the ChartEx Liquidity Pool Incentive programme to reward our liquidity providers, and we’ll be sharing 150,000 $CHART tokens as our way of thanking you as an extra on top of the fees you might earn from Uniswap themselves.

How do I Provide Liquidity?

To provide liquidity in the CHART/ETH pool on Uniswap, simply click here. You’ll provide $CHART tokens and the equivalent $ETH value to the pool and in return receive LP tokens from Uniswap, these are your means to withdraw all or part of your liquidity in future.

There’s a great guide here if you are unsure of anything:

Am I Eligible?

Anyone who has registered their address and has held liquidity on the CHART/ETH pool, providing at least 1 $ETH and equivalent $CHART is eligible for rewards. Liquidity must be held for a minimum of one month. The rewards will be calculated through regular, random snapshots of liquidity, calculating your overall share of the rewards based on your average liquidity balance across the snapshots when the payment is made. If you withdraw liquidity at any point during the month, you will not be eligible for rewards.

You must register your address to participate, and your liquidity will be counted ONLY from when the form is completed. The registration form is available here.

The incentive begins today, December 15th, 2020, at 1800 UTC and runs for One Calendar Month in the first instance. Liquidity already provisioned is eligible provided the registration form is completed, but the one-month minimum eligibility is not calculated retrospectively.

Update: With the conclusion of the first two periods, we are not pursuing this further at this time — there are no currently active Liquidity Rewards programmes.

Conditions of Participation

You must familiarise yourself with how Uniswap liquidity pools work, specifically the possibility of impermanent loss in the event of volatility and that the number of tokens withdrawn may not match the number provided on both sides of the pair.

ChartEx has no control over lost funds on Uniswap.

ChartEx may cancel, suspend or modify the terms of the incentive at any time.

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