Avalanche Charting on ChartEx Metamorphosis NOW LIVE!

Dear ChartEx Community,

We are very proud to announce that we are the first platform to launch full candlestick charting for the Avalanche Blockchain on Metamorphosis!!

Currently, to access these charts you must hold at least 2,000 CHART.

Our integration with 0.Exchange is ongoing and we hope to enable the ZERO tiers and embed ChartEx charts into their platform in 14 days or less. However, we were able to enable direct trade integration for the ZERO pairs (such as ZERO<>AVAX) directly from Metamorphosis. Make sure you’ve switched the RPC servers on your supported wallet to the AVAX network to do this.

We are currently tracking the following AMMs on Avalanche, but expect to start tracking many more markets as the Avalanche ecosystem grows!

We consider this a “soft launch” and will be making improvements to the Avalanche charts over the coming weeks!

As a reminder, due to the litany of issues plaguing the stability the Binance Smart Chain, we have chosen to move our liquidity mining program to the Avalanche blockchain! That liquidity mining program starts tomorrow.

CHART Liquidity Mining Program on Avalanche
CHART AVAX Token Launch: May 11th, 2021–2:00pm UTC
Mining Start: May 11th, 2021–6:00pm UTC

CHART Emissions Schedule (First Month)
Total CHART available: 10,000,000 CHART
111,111 CHART for zUSDC<>CHART pool per day
111,111 CHART for AVAX<>CHART pool per day
111,111 CHART for ZERO<>CHART pool per day*
*NOTE: ZERO<>CHART LP’s will be eligible to qualify for ZeroGravity tiers

About ChartEx

ChartEx is a leading provider of full Candlestick charting for markets on AMM platforms on both Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. It was the first platform to offer mainstream charting for Uniswap, PancakeSwap, Sushiswap and many other AMMs not covered by typical charting providers. It continues to pioneer in development of tools to benefit Defi trades with it’s user-centric ethos to product development.

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